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Premier Law Chambers (‘Premier’) offers a personal and high quality service to individuals and all sorts of organisations including small to medium sized businesses. We provide the same standard of service to all our clients.

Our aim is to provide you with legal information and / or advice in a friendly and approachable manner when it's required by you. If we don’t practice in that particular area of law or deal with your particular set of circumstances we we'll refer you to another firm who will be able to assist you.

In most cases we'll provide you with a quote or estimate for a fixed fee regarding your case. However, for cases involving many court appearances, such as with civil litigation involving complex issues or more than one other party (person or organisation) this may be quite difficult and we may only be able to quote you an hourly rate for different grades of fee earner.

If you want some initial advice or information (even just to give us some feedback on our website or provide some comments) please complete the form that you can find on each page and submit it pronto; we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Call us on +44  020 7175 0506

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Write or Visit us at:44 Broadway, Stratford
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